We can be heroes

We Can Be Heroes…
When I had my break-down, a beautiful friend gave me a tiny little lace bag of quotes… Simple slips of coloured paper with just one or two lines of encouragement typed on them.Occasionally over the years, if I’ve read something that’s particularly powerful or positive to me (you know that feeling? You read it and the words almost jump off the page into your heart & you know they are written just for you!), well that’s when I cut them out of the magazines or write/type the thought out and add it to the others in the bag.
I’ve since progressed from the cute bag to a neat yet slightly funky, small box (so the little notes don’t get scrunched up, lost or ruined kicking around in Buzz, the van we travel in).
In a way, I use it similar to a lucky dip – you know what I mean? I just shut my eyes and pluck one out.
I am stronger now, and don’t find myself needing to reach into the box as often as I did back when I desperately needed something just to remind me to breathe and that my life was worth living.
But this morning I dipped back into my lucky box of quotes for a prompt to give me a lift & stimulate some positive thought patterns for the day.
I’m appreciative of those snippets of time where I can just stop, sit & ponder life, or see the funny side of something – instead of feeling alone or helpless or weary or bogged-down.
The little box of odd bits and pieces brings me a lot of joy and has proven to be exceptional therapy over the years.
I don’t know if my friend Julie quite knew what she was starting when she gave me that little bag of coloured slips of paper with encouragement straight from the Bible all those years ago – but they’ve often been life-savers to me.
I’m learning that it’s not usually the big sporadic events in life that keep me going, but it’s the simple, little things… Every day… Added together… Bringing life.
I’m not sure where you’re at, but maybe you need to start a lucky dip box of encouragement and positive vibes – if not for yourself, maybe you know someone who could do with it?
It truly is a simple, inexpensive, thoughtful gift – and it could save a life!
Today the quote that popped out is from Arthur Ashe:- ‘True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.’

Bless you! I do hope we can all be ‘heroic’.
Luv, joy & happy vibes be yours … And beyond!
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