DREAM- while you’re awake!

This is the stuff dreams are made of:-
Just the other day I enjoyed the company of 3 beautiful people (strangers-become-friends) who had been to one of my speaking engagements last year.
All three were so excited about the changes they had put into place in their lives since being inspired…

One has begun to write her own book! FLIPN AWESOME!!

Another faced a fear he’d been hiding behind for a long time. He can’t believe how empowered he feels and is now going around encouraging everyone he meets. FLIPN AWESOME!!

And the third is planning to venture out and travel Australia (admittedly not in a little technicolor van lol) with her hubby – something they have wanted to do but never really knew how to begin. Now, they speak of their trip with excitement all the time and are setting themselves up for it to be a reality next year! FLIPN AWESOME!!

I write blogs & books & speak around churches and social groups to inspire others … and I get such a kick out of hearing back from you! Hooleydooly what a buzz! AND I love how it just keeps going: because once inspired, many are inspired to thank me. And then WE share via social media to inspire YOU!

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Bless ya with LUV, joy & happy vibes xx