You make me laugh

Hooleydooly what a total crack up!
My ribs hurt, my face definitely hurts and I can barely take a breath.
Hilarious 😍
Totally hilarious!!😃

Laughter is such a great gift. When we laugh we share the gift of laughter.😜
My youngest Daughter and her hubby gave me the gift of laughter the other night.😀
I can’t help but think what a great gift it is!
Laughter – it makes me laugh just thinking about it!😛
You see, for Christmas, their gift to hubby and I was two tickets to Comics on the Run – a travelling comedians show, bringing raucous laughter to every venue!
And they were hilarious. 😉
…& have been on every other occasion we’ve shared in their frivolity! 😘

But more than how funny the funny guys were is the point of giving laughter as a gift.
Laughter: I love it and hubby needs it lol …
I love friends who come equipped with jokes to the Olive Tree Art & Coffee House where I serve.
I love my funny brother, who makes light of every drama and sees the ridiculous side of absolutely everything.
I love my friends who use Facebook to post jokes.
I love catching a funny movie.
I love laughter around a camp fire, in a lounge room, even in bed (ooohlala!)
Oh, wow, I’m in so much pain from laughing that I can’t stop laughing! 😃
Dear Laughter – what a gift – 😍 read more about laughter’s healing qualities & ideas to keep laughter in your life in Falling Up Stairs, Chapters 11 and 18. But you don’t have to wait until chapter 11 or 18 to laugh – there’s laughter to be had right from the beginning of my book. Why? Because I LOVE IT … & because it’s good for you… & because it’s a great gift! 😜

Before you go, try these two quick tricks
1. smile…now open your mouth…take a breath…let it out through laughter. Laugh. Keep laughing for seven seconds. Now keep laughing. Laugh as long as you want. Laugh til it hurts!
Now, let me tell you what you just did – your entire body & soul just did a work out and took part in a cleanse. You experienced joy. You supported a healthy mood. You cleared head-space. You began positive flow-on benefits for your physical body. You began to reduce your risk of nasty diseases like cancer & heart-disease. And, if someone else is around, you probably infected them with the laughter disease as well.
2. Give the gift of laughter to someone. Share laughter. You can do it. Yes you can!! I don’t mean that you should buy a ticket to Comics on the Run (though that’d be a great idea). Simply be the reason someone smiles and laughs today. Go for it – be creative!
If you don’t mind – let me know how you went. Pop me a line & tell me what you did. Thanks – that’ll keep the laughter rolling-
Until then…