Who ya hangin’ with?
Recently I spent a few days with some school chaplain friends of mine.It was a fruitful and inspiring time together where we came away refreshed and filled with new hope and more creative strategies.
You see, we have similar life philosophies – joined through our passion to see young adults rise from the sense of hopelessness that envelops so many of them and become all they were created to be.
We engaged in some great discussions – working out how to network better and have more tools and resources available.
One thing I loved is that the more we raved, we blew the lid off our dreams; making room for wild plans to grow! Haha – such fun to believe for the impossible, to reach out beyond what our natural eye can see.
With a lot of ‘what ifs’ thrown in, we could perceive of effective ways to reach and help a hurting generation.
There’s no doubt we live in a changing world; & with change comes a lot of kids ‘slipping through gaps’.
Yet it isn’t rocket science to acknowledge tools readily available to us all:
* Live by example
* Love unconditionally
* Offer genuine understanding & empathy
* Time – give others your TIME
* Listen, Listen, Listen

I was a troubled young woman who took a long, lonely, tumultuous journey to finally realise I was a person of worth.
I wrote Falling Up Stairs as a tool to help others come to their own personal revelation of how wonderful, beautiful and INCREDIBLE they are.
I have had a passion for many years to get ‘out there’ helping the hurting, championing the downtrodden, encouraging the struggling and loving those who wrongly-believe they’re unlovely.
In our Buzz adventures around this nation, during my regular days at The Olive Tree, through Falling Up Stairs and at my public speaking engagements I can help make a difference. I hope these blogs can be added to that list.
But it is more than just telling others, I want to empower others! When we discover the beautiful mind-blowing truth about ourselves, we’re positioned to share that joy with others. Actually, it’s been Father’s plan all along – love the people to love others: help the one to help another: blessed to be a blessing.

Who ya hangin’ with? Find those who keep your flame burning, so you can then go out and ignite another.