Like a Lizard

I do hope your expression each morning is, “What glorious days!”Let’s remind ourselves of how much we love life & fun & πŸ˜€ & family & friends!!
For me, 2015 has kicked off with beach days and sunshine, soy chai teas & games, bush & Olive Tree, feasts & babies, Buzz & camping, walks & discoveries.

One highlight has been Lenny Lizard’s journey: the blue tongue lizard we share this section of South Coast land with. Lenny ventured out of hibernation a few months back and has prowled about until he found himself a Lovely Lady Lizard. Their romance has been a delight to watch (nature in the raw) and, as it turns out, rather fruitful. Lenny proudly presented a Darlink baby two days ago! Little Larry Lizard is a bit shy, but pops out of hiding now and again – just long enough for us to go ‘aw’ & ‘aah’ with wonder at his tiny perfection when we catch a glimpse of him sun baking on a rock. His exterior isn’t as rough and tough and dark as his folks’, so he’s vulnerable until he toughens up- like all of us, I guess.
We poke our heads out tentatively during the early days of our new ventures. We have a few setbacks, face a bit of opposition & struggle through the unknown at first.
But if our faith remains strong we slowly rise; wiser, ‘tougher’ and more eager and inquisitive than ever.
In God’s strength we continue to believe for better things. We allow His peace to conquer our fear; and we soldier on victorious!
What a life- what a journey- what an adventure!

Though your days probably look a bit different to mine or Lenny, Lady & Larry’s- there are similar lessons in our highs and lows and it’s equally important for each of us to stop and remind ourselves of such beautiful lives.
I’m sending love, joy, success and happy vibes to you on your journey of adventure uniquely tailored by the Master Gardener to YOU!