come fly with me



WoW… I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited about my ‘work’ days at home at my absolutely divine little ‘office’ than I am during this month…. National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo as those of us on the ‘inside’ say.

Though I am not writing a novel as such, I am rising to the challenge of a manuscript draft of 50,000 words during the month of November. HeHe, that’s now. That’s right now.

Oh, how I love a challenge! BRING IT ON! I say. Hehehaha. So here I am again – an entire day stretched out before me; just me and the birds and the bees and the beach and the breeze – and my trusty little laptop in the shade.

What a life! What a joy! Thanks for coming along on the journey with me. Oh, what’s that you say, you would like a snippet, a taste, an inkling… well, ok, here it is my dear blog buddy:

In a newspaper article written on Step and I when we left Ulladulla at the beginning of 2009 to travel throughout Australia in Buzz, our almost-infamous technicolour van, I was quoted as saying ‘whenever we see a need, we’ll attempt to fulfill it. If we see someone without a shirt, we’ll get one for them.’ What a prophetic statement that turned out to be – it is very literally what we were doing at Healesville Crisis Relief Centre where we volunteered for a few months immediately after Victoria’s Black Saturday fires that devastated so many.

It got me thinking how powerful, mighty and potent our words are. What we believe about ourselves and our ministry, we can speak out and bring about through faith in God. What are you speaking out?

Henry David Thoreau says, ‘go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.’

Another saying from my growing repertoire declares that ‘you can’t discover new oceans, unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore’. Which got me thinking that all of us are in our boats, sailing through life – and we seem to have two choices: to simply drift with the current or STEER. Sometimes we WANT to just drift, but we know within our heart of hearts that sailing on purpose is MUCH for fun and dare-devillingly, boldly adventurous! Honestly, absolutely ANYTHING can happen… and usually does!

I am learning that having a dream and sharing it with others and speaking it over myself actually propels me; drives me; launches me; thrusts me, even, to pursue it. If we ain’t got the passion for our own lives, well, who will have? I mean, really! Who is gunna pull us aside and tell us to wait there on the sideline of life and say, ‘sit back, it’s OK, I’ll go and live your life for you’? and, furthermore, who the heck WANTS someone else to live their life? NOT ME.

Sometimes we ask God to guide our footsteps and wonder why he’s taking so long to get us there when not once have we been willing to move our feet. Funny, crazy people that we are.

Let’s right now rip off our cement shoes… we know what we could be doing for God; we know what we should be doing for God; so let’s ditch those well-disguised excuses, and just get out there and GO FOR IT! Yeah, look at us now! See us fly!