Out and about with the book!!

OUT and ABOUT with Falling Up Stairs
Chrissy Guinery
• Falling Up Stairs is a heart-warming journey that inspires and awakens potential.
• Falling Up Stairs makes you laugh, cry, think and dream again.
• Falling Up Stairs encourages the importance of giving and the value of community.
• Falling Up Stairs proves that there is life beyond adversity and that our ‘mess’ can become a message of hope.
• Falling Up Stairs is a great motivational tool for leaders and team-building.
• Falling Up Stairs touches on some of life’s hard issues, with honesty and grace.
• Falling Up Stairs reveals how we can live a purpose-filled life and love ourselves.
The reader is taken, in a technicolour van, on a fun-filled inspirational ride with Chrissy and her hubby as they travel Australia in pursuit of her childhood dream.
With energetic wit, honesty, humour and with a generous sprinkling of wisdom gleaned through her years as a wife, mother, waitress, journalist, motivational speaker and granny, Falling Up Stairs is the story of one woman’s struggle from loneliness and despair, to self-discovery and a realisation of the healing power of helping others. Brace yourself, and enjoy the ride!
Chrissy is renowned for her energy, enthusiasm and passion, but particularly for her desire to see people rise to their full potential. She is a motivator, and does this effectively and humorously, through public speaking, blogs, social media, and now through her motivational memoir Falling Up Stairs.
Chrissy lives with her hubby of 33 years and calls a sleepy little South Coast national park home. She has five amazing children, who have so far produced seven grandkids that fill her days with laughter, excitement, and everything wonderful.
Writing is a serious passion of Chrissy’s and she can’t remember a time when she didn’t write. Her moments are filled with LOVE, JOY and HAPPY VIBES and she invites you to join her.