KNICKERS AND NATURE by Chrissy Guinery

Colourful knickers lie upon the bed. A sign of affection from a doting admirer. ‘Really?’ you dare to question, ‘what kind of blog is this?’

With the hype and the joy and the rush of the past few weeks with Falling Up Stairs, I am having a well-earned, much-needed ‘me’ day.

It is very quiet. There’s an abundance of the absence of noise. I sit in a peaceful silence, with the wind gently rustling the trees, raindrops tapping ever so softly upon the ground, and the occasional birdsong as feathered friends join me in rejoicing in the cool of a timeless day.

It is sprinkling; slightly – serene and smooth, barely enough to dampen the ground, so it’s like a soothing mist all around. Magical. Every now and again a gust of wind gains momentum and sets the tree limbs dancing.

I have a fire. It’s flickering glow contributing as much to my warmth as the heat it radiates.

Its been a celebratory time. Lots of people and lots of speaking and lots of laughter and lots of dinners and lots of soy chai tea with honey and the sharing of lots of tales. So much so, Step (my ever-supportive hubby partner-for-life) got into the vibe and went out and bought me a gift. A true ‘guest-speaker/thinks-she’s-famous-author’ kinda gift… a pack of colourful knickers.

Bright colours and leopard-skin (raar!) – I love how he thinks. I guess if there is ever one of those wardrobe malfunctions that public speakers often dread, I won’t be too ashamed to get caught with my pants down haha.

But its just me right now… and my colourful knickers… and nature. I’m being transformed. Gently. As the silence is soaking deep into my bones. The peace is permeating my soul. The quiet is reviving my spirit. And the solitude is re-energising my mind. It is lovely. One of those ‘kisses from heaven’ I write about. Just me and the universe in the groove, moving to the same rhythm, soaking in the same energy.

It makes the life of Jesus more alive to me. You know how he is famous for all the good he went about doing and all the healing and all the love he poured out on people, and for turning the water into wine, of course? But the bits I like are when he leaves the lime-light. When he meanders off into the bush to be alone with Father and just recharge his batteries for the next miracle.

Or, as I say it in chapter five of Falling Up Stairs, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. I have to agree. And if you’ve ever heard stories about Jesus, you will know that he taught us through example that he agrees too… he went off to quiet places to rest, pray and recharge. He spent time with his mates, always had time and energy for others, and he enjoyed the odd party. He knew his purpose in life and he knew what he needed to do to fulfil it without losing his joy. Another saying from my repertoire goes like this, ‘if you don’t chill out, you’ll burn out!’ I’m unsure where that saying came from, but it sounds like something my eldest daughter says, ‘Chillax mum!

I love that. I feel like that. Not Jesus… I don’t mean I am the Messiah (‘she’s not the Messiah, she’s just a very naughty girl’ to misquote Monty Python’s crazy 1979 Life Of Brian movie). What I mean is that I get why the Bible has that part of the story in it. The part about resting and recouping and reviving the soul.

I’m chilling here (not literally, I’d have to say ‘warming here’ if it was literally, but you know that) simply allowing the ‘super’ to be poured back into my ‘natural’ – til the supernatural fills me ready for my next adventure and can pour out of me into the next peoples I meet.

So wherever you are and whatever you are dong, remember that simple principle. Rest is as essential (more essential?) as the work. I love, love, love this buzz of my book and public speaking and the emails pouring in about the inspiration people are receiving. But I can’t run on full-charged adrenalin all the time. I need time out to have time in. We all do.