ON THE ROAD AGAIN by Chrissy Guinery


… AND OTHERS WITH AN AXE. (my friend, James Paull)

Kangaroos, wallabies, foxes, goannas, snakes, echidnas, birds, possums and wombats (oh the joys of our unique Aussie wildlife) lie splattered, squished and smelly all about us. Decomposing in the gullies beside the highway, victims of unplanned road rage. The stench hits unsuspecting nostrils before the carcasses are visible. Some have been marked with an X – others lie in pieces, unidentifiable.

Yep, we’re on the road again.

Despite the furry warzone – I love the sense of freedom and timelessness on the road.

Highway stretched out before us, trees a blur beside us. Sky above, wide and blue.

Sunshine on my shoulder, wind in my hair.

Joy and expectation all around; an air of playfulness and fun in our hearts.

Cheeky grins exchanged intermittently.

Our bed in the back, looking snuggly and fun with its clean sheets and tie-dyed cushions.

Good old fashioned Buzz – No air conditioning and no heating. Au naturale!

Just the warm (and often too hot) air coming in through our windows from outside’s glorious spring day or the (often too cool) night air drifting in through the cracks in the floor and gaps around the doors as night falls.

But the thrill, oh the thrill! To me, nothing beats the joy of the road!

Buzz with his motor straining and engine beneath our bums clanking and vibrating.

Old Buzz, Dear old Buzz!

New friends to make – strangers to hug.

Wayne, the interstate truckie, roars away, hand pressed heavily on his honking horn in a loudly friendly farewell. Falling Up Stairs, a signed copy of my book, on the dash of his heavy rig …the result of a road-stop encounter filled to overflowing with our customary love, joy and happy vibes.