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Chrissy Guinery

is a motivational speaker & published author, renowned for her infectious passion for life.

 Chrissy has been sharing her life secrets for more than 20 years.
From large corporate functions to intimate cocktail afternoons, including men’s breakfasts & women’s dinners, schools, clubs, churches, book clubs, youth groups & couples’ nights. Chrissy’s down-to-earth, relatable style leaves participants with tools for a better, more fulfilling & effective life.
Known for her quirky way of dealing with serious subjects with honesty, sensitivity & a touch of humour, she shares how a breakdown helped her begin to live.
This bubbly mother of five & Granny to nine, rebuilt her life from ruins. Today, as a renewed & transformed person, she travels Australia with her husband of 35 years, in a technicolour van called Buzz, fulfilling a longterm dream.
Chrissy’s messages include:
• job satisfaction
• life balance
• long term happiness
• self worth
• finding your room to breathe
• personal fulfilment
• new start
• power of gratefulness
• creating a dream