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Chrissy Guinery

is all about empowering others. She is a published author and motivational speaker renown for her infectious passion for life & her desire to see others rise to fulfill their purpose & potential.

Chrissy’s seriously funny, motivational memoir Falling Up Stairs has helped empower many lives.

Her second book Room To Breathe, the community-focused project promoting better mental health for all Australians, is a passionate and powerful work including people from all walks of life linking hands to help stamp out suicide.

Chrissy believes every person is born to shine…


To see people shine, by loving themselves & others whilst living a life of purpose & passion.


To equip people to live with
A healthy heart, mind & body

Vision, passion & purpose

A sense of community & the power of helping others


Chrissy has been sharing her life secrets for more than 20 years in a down-to-earth relatable style that leaves people with essential tools for pursuing a more effective & fulfilling life.
This bubbly mother of 5 & Granny to 9 has rebuilt her life from ruins on more than one occasion, giving her the insight & experience to deal with serious subjects with honesty, sensitivity & a touch of humour.


Motivation can be received by way of inspirational talks and workshops anywhere in Australia. Bring Chrissy in her colourful van to your community to help ignite that spark and bring the edge you need. Chrissy’s quirky tales of her unique lifestyle – living in a van named Buzz travelling Australia with her husband of 36 years – and her zany delivery inspire ways to live in and contribute toward healthy, happy communities throughout this great ‘lucky’ country.


Chrissy Guinery inspires vision and purpose wherever she goes. Her message is about valuing life – our own lives and the lives of others. She is raw and real – be prepared to laugh and to cry, and be assured that her passion is contagious.

For leaders needing to see your team, group, students, youth, employees or club members gain inspiration or motivation, Chrissy is for you. From meetings to corporate functions, Chrissy will bring life and laughter while helping lift all to a whole new level.


Chrissy conducts Expressions of Real – writing workshops for women (must be over 18 years old) where women are empowered through having a voice to tell their stories and giving themselves permission to shine. Workshops are characterised by laughter and creativity and the promotion of honesty and acceptance while leaving women feeling released and inspired. Though essentially writing workshops, don’t be surprised if there’s dancing!